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Creative Uses Of Ornamental Wrought Iron from Greenville Steel

5 Creative Uses Of Ornamental Wrought Iron At Greenville Steel

When it comes to fences, gates, bannisters and railings, ornamental iron is a popular and obvious choice. For both its rustic appearance and supreme durability, ornamental iron has often been chosen to signify prosperity and class -- yet it's a long-lasting and affordable choice for so many applications! In fact, wrought iron can improve the look of just about every room in your house, and the outdoor spaces too. Get creative! Get inspired! Here are a few ideas for how you can use ornamental wrought iron on your property.


5. Juliet Balconies

We all know a balcony can add a certain style and elegance to a home, but adding a real one can be prohibitively expensive. But adding a Juliet (or Juliette) balcony, named for the iconic balcony scene from Romeo & Juliet, can provide the visual impression of a balcony without getting a whole team of contractors and mason workers involved. Beautifully sculpted wrought iron can lend your home a certain Shakespearian touch at a remarkably affordable cost.

4. In The Garden

Instead of stones that won't keep critters out or wooden picket fencing that obscures the beauty of your plants, show off the flora of your garden with wrought iron fencing! You can line walking paths and garden plots with ornamental iron fencing, create planter boxes from iron, even create iron trellises and gazebos for climbing vines. Iron fencing provides a stately, aged, classic look that will put you in mind of a lush English tea garden. All you've got to do is bring the green thumb.

3. Lighting Fixtures

Spruce up the exterior of your home by replacing outdated lighting fixtures with wrought iron ones. Wrought iron can be sculpted into beautiful shapes and designs with glass housings for the lights themselves. Wrought iron makes beautiful yet durable sconces and lamps for your home's exterior. Indoors, a wrought iron chandelier can set the tone for a formal dining area or provide a warm embrace in your vestibule.

2. Window Coverings

Have you got window wells you're covering with unsightly metal or plastic covers? Let more light into your basement and protect folks from falling in at the same time with a strong iron window well cover! You might also consider wrought iron for door and window grilles that can transform your home from cookie-cutter tract house to Tuscan villa-inspired abode. If you can dream it, it can probably be made from ornamental wrought iron.


1. Sculpture

As you can see, ornamental iron has all sorts of practical purposes that also add aesthetic appeal -- but wrought iron doesn't have to be practical at all! All sorts of public art installations like you might find in downtown centers, parks, zoos and hotels are made from iron. Commission a sculpture to be the centerpiece of your outdoor entertaining area, jazz up an old mailbox post, create a one-of-a-kind wall hanging -- the possibilities really are endless. And since wrought iron has a roughened, worn quality even when brand new, every piece will lend a sense of gravitas and class to your space.

So, get creative! Check out our site for some inspiration, browse home and gardening magazines, or just dust off the old Pinterest account. No matter what ornamental iron vision you create, the team at Greenville Steel can help make it a reality. Contact us to get started on all your metalworking, decorating and construction projects.

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